House rules

There are house rules at the Desire Pearl Resort too. They do not essentially differ from those at the sister hotel Desire Resort Riviera Maya.

We would like to inform you precautionally that during your stay you will meet people disobeying house rules. Once you find their behaviour disturbing, please contact the guest manager.

Those guests who do not obey the house rules are in danger to be expelled from the hotel. Please think about the fact that the return of your stay’s cost, also partial, is not predicted.

View of the Jacuzzi Lounge from above
Desire Pearl Resort’s house rules:
  • Check-in from 3 pm, check-out at 11:00 am. However, you have one hour for check-out. It lasts until 12:00 am, then.
  • Please dress yourself properly for the meals in the restaurant.
  • Because of the concept of Desire Resort we ask you to respect the other guests.
  • Picture taking or video recording in the public areas is prohibited.
  • The hotel has created a friendly atmosphere in the Desire, drug use is strictly prohibited.
  • Please refrain from sexual activities in the public areas.
  • Please treat other visitors with the utmost respect, and remember the golden rule: "No" means "No".
  • For a fee, beach beds can be reserved.
  • Should personal belongings be found on the beach beds or pool loungers, they will be brought to the front desk.
  • The fact that private objects have been placed on the beach beds does not mean that they are reserved for them.
  • The hotel is not responsible for items lost from the safe.
  • The Desire Resort & Spa offers a safe and open-minded environment where you can fully enjoy your stay at Desire Resort. However, there is a firm company policy that all employees are strictly forbidden from interaction with the guests. Otherwise, the employee or employees risk losing their employment.